The Rockford Fire Department has been hopping the last few weeks battling structure fires in downtown Rockford. Fires in old buildings, such as the former Hanley Furniture building, can be extremely dangerous for firefighters battling the blaze, so that is why the RFD has started using drones to get a better handle on what they are dealing with. 

As the daughter and wife of former firemen, I know that there is so much more to fighting a fire than just spraying water on it with a high-powered hose. Fire crews have to take the entire structure of a building into consideration when determining how best to get a blaze under control. Knowing where a fire is primarily located inside a building, and how much structural damage has already taken place is key information commanding officers need before sending firefighters into a blaze. That's where drones like this come in...


Drones like this provide so much more than just cool aerial videos. They give fire personnel important vantage points that they have never been able to see before, which will ultimately save more lives.

Gotta love technology, right?!?



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