Rizzo should charge Budweiser for this viral moment. 

The Cubs first baseman absolutely vaporized a baseball last night into the stratosphere and would have hit a building across the street if it weren't for the huge neon beer sign.

This is why Anthony doesn't just "choke up" and poke it the other way when defenses shift on him.

This shot has been compared to Kyle Schwarber's of a few years ago when he put one on top of the scoreboard.

Schwarber's was more exciting because it was in the playoffs AND against the Cardinals but I'm pretty sure Rizzo's was more impressive. Schwarber's was a moon shot but actually came down pretty soft. Rizzo's was a line drive moon shot if that makes any sense.

Probably the most impressive Wrigley bomb since Glenallen Hill. That one reached the bleachers. On the rooftops. Mammoth homerun.

This one from Sammy down Kenmore deserves to be talked about as well.

Just your regular reminder that it's absolutely awesome being a Cub fan.


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