It's been a big week on the Riley & Scot Show. Two days in Washington broadcasting live, combined with the travel (and a questionable diet) have left me a little crispy. So let's have a look at some things that don't require much effort on your part (and more importantly, mine) that didn't make the show, but are too good to ignore.


You know that you're going to be lied to from time to time, but really?

No matter what else she does, this reporter will be remembered for this.

You've got 5 seconds? Lots of things happen in 5 seconds.

Ever gone that extra mile for your child? Of course you have!

Far more interesting than the movie "Pompeii"

I just don't know what to believe in anymore.

When my kids were small, I used to decorate their lunch bags with goofy pictures and drawings. This dad puts all of us to shame.

Y'know, Hawaii isn't all beaches, surfing, and luaus. There are a few stairs to climb.

Okay people, let's try to keep things in perspective.

What do we have here? Oh, yeah, things that might not end well.

Let's close out with a really cool look at Washington DC. I remember it being slightly more crowded when Scot and I were there this week.



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