It's time to plan a family fun trip to the farm.

The Midwest is home to so many great farms. Of course we think about pumpkin patches and apple picking, but we should be having farm fun all year round. Mulberry Lane Farm in Wisconsin is a great place to take the family. The farm is located just north of Hilbert, Wisconsin. It’s a rural area that’s seasoned with dairy farms.

Mulberry Lane Farm is one of the most interactive farms I've ever read about. Check out some of the awesome activities they offer -

Milk a Cow
Catch a Chicken
Kiss a Pig
Cuddle a Kitten
Hand feed Goats
Enjoy a Hayride
and More!

How fun does all of that sound? If your kid loves animals, they would love this. What really caught my eye was the opportunity to milk a cow. Personally, I've never done it. But I've always been intrigued and would love to try. OIS details -

Kids have a chance to learn how to milk an actual cow and they can also learn important facts about the animal – for example, brown cows do not produce chocolate milk!


There's a ton of fun for families and kids, but there's also a ton of fun for adults. The farm actually hosts weddings as well. They offer group field trips and also have a ton of yearly events like pay your age day and their pumpkin celebration.

You can check out all of the fun to be had on the farm on their Instagram page.

Learn more about the farm here.


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