You'll definitely be spending the majority of your stay in the basement.

Is there anything better than some good old-fashioned arcade fun? There's really no thrill like getting totally engulfed in a video game. I've always dreamed about having an arcade game in my house. But now after seeing this Airbnb I have a whole new goal. I want an entire row of arcade games.

Photo by Benjamin Szabo on Unsplash
Photo by Benjamin Szabo on Unsplash

Growing up I had a friend who had a couple of machines in her basement and ever since then I've dreamt about that. If you're like me, I found the perfect place for you to stay to make that dream a reality for a few nights.

This Airbnb in McLean, Illinois is known as the "Vectorman's Luxury Arcade Palace". The listing details -

Amazing, luxurious, modern, high-tech, palatial, richly furnished 4000 Sq. Ft. downtown loft home. 12 foot ceilings, 3 large bedrooms with 70" TVs and full baths, $70,000 custom gourmet kitchen, 14 foot 3D TV / Gaming projector in living room, huge rec room with dozens of free play, full-sized arcade games, foosball, and pinball. Sleeps up to 10 with 2 sofa beds. You will never find another place like this anywhere.

So, let's take a look inside.

Illinois Airbnb's Basement Arcade is a Gamer's Paradise

This is QUITE the game selection.

Look like somewhere you'd like to stay? You can book your stay here.

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