‘Ask The Mayor’ Highlights: Morrissey on Gambling in Rockford [AUDIO]
In the April edition of ‘Ask the Mayor,’ Larry Morrissey answered a listener email about video gaming facilities located across the area and the possibility of Rockford getting a casino license in the near future. The Mayor said the city is hoping to get more control over managing video gaming, but at the moment any location with a state and local liquor license can apply to have gaming machines..
Report: Unregulated Video Gambling Machines Making Their Way Into Illinois
John Gregory -- Illinois Radio Network The legality of machines similar to video gambling, but aren’t subject to the same regulations, is being questioned in a new report. The machines are called “sweepstakes machines,” and supposedly don’t fall under video gambling regulations because they don’t directly distribute cash...
Gamer Husband Has Some Explaining to do
Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a fifty year old man. A fifty year old man who enjoys video games. Now, I don't go on gaming benders where I'll play for 36 straight hours, ignoring family, work, and hygiene responsibilities, I don't gather with other like-minded and similar-aged guys at a midnight release party for the latest Call of Duty, and I've even been known to stop playing long before my wife Amy