Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a fifty year old man. A fifty year old man who enjoys video games. Now, I don't go on gaming benders where I'll play for 36 straight hours, ignoring family, work, and hygiene responsibilities, I don't gather with other like-minded and similar-aged guys at a midnight release party for the latest Call of Duty, and I've even been known to stop playing long before my wife Amy is forced to intercede.

Amy and I sometimes fire up the PlayStation together after the kids have gone to bed (we compete with each other ferociously at Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf. She usually wins.).

With that confession in mind, I have to tell you I would not dream of doing what an unidentified adult (and married, for now) gamer did.

One of the cool features on the PlayStation 4 is the ability to broadcast your gaming to others, so they can marvel at your skill and dexterity. The camera on the unit can  actually record you playing as you relax in your gaming room.

That's where the trouble began. You see, the aforementioned adult gamer, and his wife, were sitting on their sofa drinking adult beverages until Mrs. Adult Gamer passed out. Mr. Adult Gamer then put his PS4 camera to use by recording Mrs. AG in varying forms of undress. All of which were broadcast on the gamers network.

The user was reportedly banned instantly but they weren't the only ones getting up to naughtiness. Some other users made videos of themselves parading around with guns, while others also exhibited instances of nudity.

What a surprise! People are using the live-streaming feature for other than its intended purpose. Stunning. More details from Fox News.

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