A summer afternoon really can't get much better than some drinks, smooth music, great food, the Chicago skyline, and a cruise down the Chicago river.

You can get all that done at the Island Party Hut, a newish spot located on the newly refurbished Chicago Riverwalk.


Quick sidebar here. If you haven't ventured down to the water's edge of the Chicago River in downtown in the last 10 years, do yourself a favor and plan a trip, the city did a fantastic job with it.

The Island Party Hut is right there on the river. If you're rich enough, or know someone rich enough, you can pull your boat right up and park.


There's plenty of outside seating to enjoy the view and atmosphere while you dine and drink. It's really a great little hidden place in the heart of downtown Chicago.


But this is why you clicked on the blog. The party boat! They have two boats that make runs every day. One cruises up and down the river for about an hour and another one that will take you out on Lake Michigan and back in a 90 minute trip. Both cruises cost $40 with the option to add on an open bar for an additional $30. Not a horrible deal, considering that drinks regularly cost 10 dollars or more in that area of downtown.


There are plenty of delicious food options as well that you can eat at one of the picnic tables or bring on the cruise with you.


There's plenty of great weather still available in Chicago. Grab some friends and enjoy this leisurely cruise through Chicago's waterways.


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