Congressman Adam Kinzinger joined "Riley & Scot" this morning to discuss the growing VA scandal. He took the opportunity to call for the resignation of Veterans Administration Secretary Eric Shinseki.

The investigation continues into allegations of treatment delays, secret wait lists, and cooked records, but the Congressman says it's already time to get someone in the VA post who knows how to fix the problem.

Mark Wilson, Getty Images
Mark Wilson, Getty Images

The Congressman also appeared on NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday, where he outlined what might need to be done to start the process:

I mean this is, again, a situation where there's, I think, things that can be done. And I think what's surprising is, you know, the president has made every decision he can to avoid making it looking like he's making some kind of a leadership decision. And I think make a leadership decision, put somebody in there. When Secretary Gates heard about the problem at Walter Reed, he fired a whole bunch of people, and the Walter Reed scandal was fixed in a big way. That can be done in the VA, and it needs to now.

Here's our full conversation with Congressman Kinzinger from this morning, including a brief discussion about his recent manufacturing roundtable:

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