There's never a shortage of topics to discuss during our monthly conversations with Congressman Adam Kinzinger, only a shortage of time in the segment to get it all in.

One of the topics we kicked around this morning with Congressman Kinzinger is something that he has been discussing regularly for several months, and that is the angry divide in politics. There's always been varying levels of angry political discourse in our country's history, but to many of us this seems like an all-time high for political ugliness, so we asked Congressman Kinzinger about his efforts to encourage less incendiary rhetoric into political discourse.

We also discussed some of the actions of America's enemies now that a new administration is in place. Russia has massed nearly 100,000 troops along the Ukrainian border, something Congressman Kinzinger describes as a move Russia's Vladimir Putin seems to make whenever he's in political hot water at home. Congressman Kinzinger also described conversations he's had with military experts who fear that China might be poised to make a move on Taiwan. An attack on Taiwan would provoke a U.S. response that could see things heat up like many of us have never seen before.

We also asked Congressman Kinzinger's thoughts on Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan), who recently called for no more policing, and no more incarcerations, and we also were curious as to his take on the current crisis at the border (or border "surge" as some have been labeling it). Congressman Kinzinger believes that former President Trump's border policy was far superior to what we're seeing happen under the Biden Administration.

Here's our Wednesday morning interview with Congressman Adam Kinzinger:


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