When 16th District Representative Adam Kinzinger joins the WROK Morning Show for his monthly visit, I hear from a lot of you who fall into a couple of different camps.

For some of you, his vote in favor of impeaching President Trump was an unforgivable move, one compounded by his refusal to budge from that position, and perhaps made worse by statements made in the aftermath of the election and the riots on Capitol Hill.

Others say that Congressman Kinzinger did the right thing with his impeachment vote, is doing the right thing in condemning the January protests and subsequent riots, and is correct in calling out members of his own Republican party for continuing insistence that the November election was stolen.

Regardless of your feelings either way, Congressman Adam Kinzinger has quickly become one of Washington DC's most high-profile public figures with regular appearances on several networks discussing the politics of the day, and has formed his own political action committee (PAC) called "Country 1st." The mission of Country 1st, according to Kinzinger is to "restore truth, honor, and civility to our politics."

When Congressman Kinzinger joined the WROK Morning Show this week, the subject matter wasn't necessarily political, but rather a discussion of some of the higher profile things taking place this week like the Chemtool Fire, the effort to shutdown coal plants in Illinois by the 2030s to make the changeover to green energy, the protection of nuclear power plants here in Illinois as a source of carbon-free and plentiful power, and his efforts with legislation to protect America's supply chain from a world full of bad actors and adversaries:

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