For a guy who's been dead for over 150 years, Abraham Lincoln (or at least a miniature version of him) sure does get around.

Mini Abe, a pitchman/explorer for the Illinois Office of Tourism, spends most of his days hitting the hot spots here in our state. Cities and towns, big and small, anywhere something fun is going on, you might run into (or, more accurately, step over) Mini Abe.

Why, it was just a couple of years back that Mini Abe landed at RFD to begin a comprehensive tour of the Forest City, including visits to:

  • Symbol
  • Burpee Museum
  • Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens
  • The Coronado
  • The Stockholm Inn
  • An Ice Hogs game
  • The Discovery Center
  • And more

If you look closely at the women greeting Mini Abe at RFD, you'll see our friend Andrea Mandala with the Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (RACVB). Andrea joins us every Friday morning after the 8:30 news to fill you in on all the cool things happening in and around Rockford.

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