You may or may not have heard that it's going to get a little chilly around here the next two days. 

We could curate a list of all the things in the area that aren't going to be open due to the weather but honestly, it would be easier to get you a list of things that WILL be open.

I'm literally (yes, literally) getting about three emails a minute with someone new closing the next two days.

The folks over at WIFR have put together a decent list that you can see here.

Your best bet is to call ahead and see if someone is open. Odds are you're not doing a dozen different errands tomorrow. If you are, you might want to loosen up your calendar a bit.

Here's the deal folks. Stay inside. Don't let your pets stay outside. Check on friends and family. Watch some Netflix.

If you must go outside, make sure you have all the proper emergency items to make it if you get stranded somewhere.

This is historic cold. You most likely have never felt this cold before. Don't be a hero. Stay inside unless you absolutely have to leave your house.

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