Another local dining spot will soon no longer exist. Another dream succumbs to our changing economy.

After serving Rockford and the surrounding area for more than five years, a tasty spot just off Perryville Road is closing.

The closing date is coming up quick, but you'll have the opportunity to stop in and use any gift cards that you may have.

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Baci's Kitchen, located at 2990 N. Perryville Road in Rockford will be closing

Baci's owner, Nikko Castrogiovanni, had to make a tough decision, one that many business owners around the 815 have had to ask themselves in the middle of sleepless nights.

Can we survive the Covid pandemic any longer?

  • Too many rules and covid-related restrictions put on business owners and customers
  • More and more people not wanting to go out an eat anymore
  • Food costs going up
  • Minimum wage going up

It all leads to a 'perfect' storm hell-bent on crushing dreams.

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"If I was to go another 3 to 5 years, are we still dealing with all of this, it is going to get worse, is it worth it," Castrogiovanni says. "I think I'm making a smart move by just saying let's move on and everybody stay healthy."

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The crew at Baci's Kitchen now begins to navigate their way through what is likely to be the absolute worst month of their lives.

Baci's last day will be Saturday, February 6, according to The date was chosen to give staff a chance to find a new job and also to allow those with gift cards to stop in and redeem them.

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