The Michael Koolidge Show has covered seven CPACs, four national party conventions (two Republican, two Democrat) and various regional political events (not to mention MLB Spring Training, Bears Training Camp, numerous talk radio conventions, the impeachment of a governor, etc.), but this was our first in-person presence at a presidential debate, and it was a grand old time indeed.

We were granted access to the media filing center as well as the "spin room" (which stays quite still) and were able to get questions in to Carly Fiorina, Donald Trump, and Donald Trump Junior. Later that night we even had a beer with Ted Cruz!

TMKS regular Gayle Trotter flew in from Washington just to help with our coverage (also attending her first debate in-person) and helped host the show the morning after.

Here are some more photos from the event. (Photos no longer available)


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The next Republican presidential debate is Dec. 15 in Las Vegas.

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