This home run is in the debate for the greatest moonshot in Wrigley history. 

It also led to one of Pat Hughes' greatest radio calls of his career.

It's also the source of one of the greatest GIFs of all-time.

It was also unfortunately feels like it was 50 years ago, not 5.

Schwarber might not be a Cub next year and that's something Cub fans will have to deal with. The championship window for the 2016 team that won the World Series seems to be barely open if at all. Theo Epstein built this team with a lot less than he has now, if he's going to be here for a few more years it figures that he's looking for some new toys to play with.

Even if he's gone next year, he'll never be forgotten for almost making Wrigley collapse with excitement on that Fall night 5 years ago.


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