Probably one of the most iconic radio calls in Cub history.

Before the Cubs were making the playoffs 5 out of 6 years like they are now, the playoffs were an unfamiliar destination for Cub fans pre-2015.

In 1998 the Cubs and the Mets were tied for the final playoff spot. With four games left in the season, the Cubs travelled north to County Stadium for a game against the Brewers. Cubs were leading 7-0 entering the 7th inning when things started to unravel.

The Shooter, Rod Beck (RIP), looked to have secured a win for the Cubs by inducing a fly ball to left for what should have been the 27th out of the game,

Brant Brown had other ideas. The TV call from Chip Caray and Steve Stone is good, but Cub fans will always remember Ron Santo's "Oh, NO!" as one of the more memorable Cub moments:

I laugh every time I hear it. Santo might not have given the most insight or coherent thoughts on the game but he was emotional and that's what Cub fans loved.

Cubs would go on to make the playoffs by winning a 163rd game, but the Brant Brown dropped fly ball will be the most memorable moment from the 1998 Cub season.


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