This was a decision Paul Wilson regrets.

Paul Wilson about 2 seconds after he decided to charge the mound:

Baseball players get a bad rap when it comes to fights, and rightfully so. Most baseball fights are glorified shoving matches that usually fizzle before the bullpen even decides to join the fracas.

Not this one. Kyle Farnsworth was a bad man and actually looked a little excited that Wilson had decided to charge him. That might be the worst baseball beating since Robin Ventura decided to take on Nolan Ryan.

Fun fact: If you bring a picture of him beating up Ventura to Nolan Ryan, he will sign it no matter where he's at. It's one of his favorite things ever.

Farnsworth Vs. Wilson was the best Cubs/Reds fight until a few years ago when Anthony Rizzo was ready to fight the entire city of Cincinnati.

That's the day Rizzo became the (unofficial) captain of the Cubs.

Can't wait for baseball to return.

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