We are honored to be brining live high school football coverage to the Stateline airwaves. Each weekend Joe Dredge, Dave Perrone, and Todd Heidemann will broadcast the game of the week live from the pressbox with updates of area scores as they happen.

In addition to live football and updates, we will be checking in with band members from each school as part of our partnership with the Rockford Symphony Orchestra. We thank them for their support.

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Check back here throughout the weekend for updated scores and a season's worth of scores from the NIC-10 and Big Northern Conferences.

We have a BIG matchup for our Week 6 broadcast of Friday Night Lights. The Boylan Titans travel to Hononegah for a tilt between two of the best teams in the NIC-10.

Hononegah is currently 5-0 but haven't been truly dominant in any game this season. The Titans on the other hand have won every game pretty easily except for the Week 3 game that they lost to Belvidere North on a late 48-yard field goal. If Hononegah wins they'll be 6-0 heading into their Week 7 game against the other undefeated team in the conference, Belvidere North. If Boylan wins, then the NIC-10 race just got a lot closer. It should be a great game.


Will Boylan come north to Rockton and give Hononegah their first loss of the season? Find out Friday night on 1440 WROK. Pregame begins at 6:45 with kickoff right around 7.

Scores From Previous Weeks:

Week 5 - Sept 23-24


Hononegah 39, East 16

Boylan 41, Auburn 0

Harlem 42, Freeport 24

Belviere North 49, Belvidere 13

Guilford 44, Jefferson 22

Big Northern:

Byron 30, North Boone 6

Genoa Kingston 58, Rock Falls 6

Winnebago 29, Dixon 25

Stillman Valley 42, Rockford Christian 0

Lutheran 27, Oregon 6

Week 4 - Sept 16-17


Guilford 42, Harlem 19

Belvidere North 46, Jefferson 7

Hononegah 42, Freeport 22

East 22, Auburn 14

Boylan 61, Belvidere 6

Big Northern:

Lutheran 48, Rock Falls 0

Stillman Valley 36, Dixon 6

North Boone 41, Rockford Christian 0

Winnebago 27, Oregon 8

Byron 35, Genoa Kingston 15

Week 3 - Sept 9-10


Belvidere North 31, Boylan 28

Auburn 6, Freeport 0

Hononegah 31, Guilford 16

Harlem 41, Jefferson 32

East 36, Belvidere 6

Big Northern:

Byron 45, Lutheran 6

Stillman 41, Oregon 6

Genoa Kingston 41, North Boone 16

Dixon 57, Rockford Christian 8

Winnebago 45, Rock Falls 14

Week 2 - Sept 2-3


Boylan 73, Jefferson 7

Hononegah 38, Harlem 28

Freeport 49, Belvidere 7

Guilford 28, Auburn 20

Belvidere North 22, East 0

Big Northern:

Genoa Kingston 35, Rockford Lutheran 14

Oregon 14, Rockford Christian 8

Byron 42, Winnebago 7

Dixon 21, North Boone 14

Stillman Valley 39, Rock Falls 7

Week 1 - Aug 26-27


Boylan  40, East 0 .
Harlem 21, Auburn 12.
Hononegah 34, Jefferson 22.
Guilford 32, Belvidere 0.
Belvidere North 45, Freeport 14.
Big Northern:
Stillman 15, Byron 7 (OT).
Lutheran 20, North Boone 14.
Dixon 34, Oregon 6.  Dixon still rolling.
Rockford Christian 14, Rock Falls 0.
Genoa Kingston 35, WInnebago 20.

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