Gas Buddy says in the past month here in Rockford, gas prices have fallen over 30 cents per gallon.

With the recent doubling of the gas tax here in Illinois, you can forgive yourself if you thought paying lower prices at the pump was something you were only imagining.

However, it turns out to be true, according to the folks at GasBuddy.

According to Gas Buddy, prices have fallen a little more than 6 cents in the past week, bringing the average down to $2.68 per gallon.

In the past month, prices are down 30.5 cents, according to Gas Buddy.

Prices are also 11 cents lower than this time last year in the stateline.

The trend in Rockford is seen across the country, as gas fell nearly seven cents in the past week. It’s a trend experts say drivers should continue to see.


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