It's no coincidence that both teams currently find themselves in first place.

Jose Abreu has been destroying baseballs as Cub fans might remember. He hit a record number 6 against the north siders earlier this month in a weekend series.

If you haven't gotten familiar with Luis Robert, or LuBob, it's time. He's my favorite player not in a Cubs jersey. The aforementioned Abreu recently said this about him:

He's a fun guy to watch.

The Cubs had a representative themselves. Yu Darvish is on an absolute tear to start the year.

He recently took over as the NL leader in ERA.

And also is a professional YouTuber.

I have no idea what's happening in that video but it has over 2 million views in a few months. The dude's a star.

To Chicago teams in the World Series would make this weird season something special for baseball fans in the area. It's less than a month till the end of the season. Listen to all Cub games right here on 1440 WROK.

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