Cub fans have known how good of a person Anthony Rizzo is for a while now. The rest of the county is starting to take notice. 

Rizzo was nominated and honored by his fellow players for the Marvin Miller Man of the Year Award. The award, named for the first director of the players association, recognizes a player every year for their excellence on and off the field.

ChicagoTribune - Rizzo, a cancer survivor, was selected for his work with the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation. Rizzo is heavily involved in fundraising efforts for research and devoting time to pediatric cancer patients and their families.

Rizzo said that the $50,000 grant that is awarded to the winner will go towards the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami, where he was treated for his cancer diagnosis.

This award is coming off the heels of the Cubs first baseman winning the Clemente award last week for his humanitarian efforts in his charity work.

Just another reminder of how lucky Cub fans are. We have a great team filled with great guys. Now Rizzo just needs another World Series trophy to match the number of good guy awards he's received this offseason. I think he and the Cubs are quite capable of it.

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