Did you even notice that Mitch took a snap last week against the Saints?

I know I didn't. It happened early in the game during the first quarter.

Here's a short video breaking it down and when it happened:

It's just another sad chapter in the long depressing novel that is The History Of Chicago Bear Quarterbacks.

Juuuuuust when public opinion was going to maybe allow the Bears to move Trubisky back under center, he gets hurt the first time he goes back into the game.

It leads to another problem for the Bears. Like Foles or not, he is your quarterback now and he isn't known for his durability. He's never played more than 11 games in a season.

That means if Foles gets hurt it's time for.... Tyler Bray.

Oh yeah. They also are literally decimated at offensive line and will have a bunch of practice squad guys protecting the QB against Tennessee this Sunday.

5-1 seems like it was years ago.

Bears-Titans this Sunday at noon. It's definitely going to be something.


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