Chicago sports has really fallen off since the baseball season ended. 

The Bears are a disaster on and off the field. The Bulls are openly rebuilding but still seems to be very dysfunctional off the court. The Blackhawks are currently holding onto the last playoff spot in their conference and are underperforming again.

The days are getting shorter and the temps are falling. To be honest, depression is starting to set in.

That's why we need to remember the good times that the Cubs have brought us the past 3 seasons. That's exactly what this Schwarber comeback video reminds us of.

Kyle's brief tenure on the north side has already played out in mythological proportions. One of the most electric guys at the plate, (and electric in the field if I'm being honest but for different, worse reasons) you stopped what you were doing when he lumbered up for an at-bat.

He also seems to be a pretty nice guy off the field. I know that people have been itching to trade him off to an American League team where he can flourish as a DH but I just love the guy too much to want to see him go.

So next time it seems extra dark outside or in Chicago sports, fire this video up and remember the good times.

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