A scam from a few years ago has resurfaced in Rockford just in time for the holidays.

We are all very used to getting scam phone calls. At home, on our cell, even on the studio line I get scam phone calls almost every day.

But some are a little more difficult to decipher, the 'Police Donation' scam is one of those.

ABC News reported on scams like these almost seven years ago and it seems that since the city of Rockford is recovering from a recent loss in the Police Department, the scammers realized now would be a good time to resurface.

Of course, in the loss of Officer Cox, many Rockfordians may feel more inclined to donate to the Police Department, and that is great, if, in fact the donations are going to the right place.

But when this number calls you, it is not the Police.

One of our co-workers received a phone call yesterday from someone posing to be from the Police Department, asking for a donation for $30, $70 or $130.

Townsquare Media

He immediately hung up and wanted to share that number to warn others to take caution when receiving a phone call like this.

Townsquare Media

So please, beware of this over the holidays and inform your friends and families to be very careful when answering random phone calls.

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