Ian Happ, a generally nice guy, was not happy about the situation.

The Cubs are not having a great season. You may have heard that they made some big trades this season. And unlike trade deadlines of the past 5 seasons, the Cubs were on the "rebuilding" side of those trades.

The chemistry on the team has definitely changed. The young guys are coming up to fill some missing roles. Some are shining and having a great time on the big stage. Just look at how much fun Frank Schwindel is having.

That is an enormous smile from a man that's having a GREAT time.

Justin Steele and Adbert Azolay are basically best friends and could be the future core of a solid starting lineup.

But then you take a look at some of the guys that have been around the team for awhile, especially the guys that are left from the World Series team, guys like Contrearas, Hendricks, and Fowler,

Ian Happ wasn't around when they won the World Series, but he was around when times were good. When Wrigley was packed and loud. When the games meant something.

The sluggish season brought them to Minnesota the past two nights, an equally uninspiring team at the moment. I don't care who you are, it has to take an emotional toll to go from the energy over the last 5 seasons to a dead ballpark, playing games that don't mean anything.

The small crowds also mean that you can hear everything people say. You're playing for individuals, not fans. Things can get personal in this situation. And that's what happened on Wednesday night in Minnesota.

Happ went on 670 The Score in Chicago on Thursday afternoon and talked about one heckler in Minnesota that got under his skin and eventually pelted him with candy.

670TheScore - I got hit yesterday with a flying object - it was actually a Skittle from the left-field stands at Target Field... I felt like I got shot by like an air-soft gun... there was a group of (individuals in their 20s), just scum.


It's strange hearing one of the nicer guys in the league get so heated at a fan. He's very active on social media and has his own production company where he has his own podcast. Ian seems to be a very down to earth kind of guy.

Luckily for Happ, there's only a month left of this regular season that was predicted to go south for the North siders and did just that. Hopefully, next season will see Happ participating in front of more fans in more meaningful games.

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