I have been to Milwaukee. I have enjoyed my time in Milwaukee. It is a fine city, one that should make its residents proud.


The inferiority complex that some have to their neighbors to the south borders on concerning at times.

Case in point. This post that was recently making the rounds highlights a cocktail being served at Milwaukee area bars; the Lovable Loser Manhattan.

The "signature" drink is made from L Flag Bourbon from Central Flag Distillery in Wisconsin.

This bourbon has apparently been around for a few years. Here's an article talking about its inception back in 2018.

Central Standard Distillery is taking the Chicago Cubs iconic "Fly The W" flag and turning it into "Fly The L" flag bourbon...We all know that the Cubs like to fly their ‘W’ flag when they win and the Brewers, we love beating the Cubs so it’s a friendly rivalry.

I'm not here to tell any fan base how to properly cheer on your team but there comes a time when you might want to consider if you're becoming a bit obsessed.

I love a good joke at the Packers expense. I consider being a St. Louis Cardinal fan to be a character flaw. But I would never buy a brand of vodka that was created to explicitly make fun of an opposing fan base.

To be fair I haven't fully exhausted all products poking fun at the Notre Dame football fan base, so I'll never say never. But until then, appreciate your own team, take a few cracks at your rivals, and enjoy your successes. It's the best way to enjoy a little "friendly" rivalry.

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