Haven't gotten your flu shot yet? This is probably the most convenient way. 

First the details:

  • WHAT - Free flu shots from the comfort, and safety, of your own car.
  • WHEN -  Wednesday, November 18, 5-7 PM
  • WHERE - Javon Bea Hospital - Rockton, 2400 N. Rockton Ave.

From their press release:

From the convenience of their vehicles, guests will receive a free flue shot, as well as a gift bag of free winter essentials including a hat, scarf and clove set, hand warmers, a fleece blanket, ice scraper, and more. All guests must get a flu shot in order to receive the free gift bag. Guests will also meet MercyHealth staff and Molina Healthcare staff to learn about important health issues.

A free flu shot AND a bag full of swag. You don't have to sign up. You don't have to get out of your car. You don't have to PAY. You get a bunch of other free stuff and you have medical professionals on hand to answer any questions.

It's first-come, first-serve bases. For more information, visit mercyhealthsystem.org.

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