The line out of the McHenry VFW is probably going to be pretty long all week. 

The Queen of Hearts raffle will roll over once again since the Jack of Diamonds was the card drawn in Tuesday's contest.

I'll explain how the raffle works in a bit but you don't need to know anything to enter the drawing. You just need to get to the McHenry VFW between 9AM-10PM any day except Monday and bring some cash. Tickets are reportedly 6 for $5.

Here's how the game works. It starts with 54 cards, an entire deck plus the two jokers. They are all numbered on the back and put into a display case (the display can vary, this is how the McHenry VFW does it.) Then throughout the week people buy raffle tickets and pick a number. Tuesday night at 8PM rolls around and they draw a ticket. If the number on the raffle ticket matches the card with the queen of hearts, that person wins 60% of the pot. The VFW collects the rest. If the number isn't the queen of hearts, that card is discarded and the pot rolls over to next week.

The pot has been rolling over for 45 weeks now in McHenry. There are only 9 cards left.

The projected pot for next Tuesday night is expected to be around $5.5 million. The VFW sold a quarter million dollars worth of tickets in the last week alone.

The whole thing fascinates me. I am in no way calling anybody a cheater in this thing but with millions of dollars on the line, I have no idea how they keep everything on the up and up. This isn't the state lottery, this is just a VFW.

Good luck to any who play. If you win and heard about it here, please remember some sort of finder's fee.

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