The Queen of Hearts Raffle at the McHenry VFW had no winner last week. That means the $4 million jackpot will grow and roll over to this Tuesday. 

If you'd like a shot at the money it's pretty simple. Head out to McHenry either today, Sunday, August 26th between 9 am and 10 pm, or get out there Tuesday between 9 am and the 8 pm drawing. The VFW is closed on Mondays. Make sure you bring some cash with you.

Once there you can buy 6 tickets for $5. You don't need to be present for the 8pm drawing to win. The entire, fascinating, procedure can be read about here.

No one knows how much the jackpot will grow but the winner will get 60% of what's expected to be the well over $4 million jackpot.

Good luck to anyone buying tickets and remember who let you know about it.

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