Happy 50th to a Chicago and Illinois institution, Lou Malnati's. 

When the topic of Chicago-style deep dish pizza comes up, Lou Malnati's is usually the standard that people are talking about.

We were lucky enough to get a Lou's here in Rockford a few years ago. I personally am not a huge fan of any deep-dish pizza. It's a once (maybe twice) a year treat, that is just way too heavy to enjoy regularly.

That's why my favorite thing on Lou's menu is their thin crust pizza. It's unlike anything else in town. It's a little thicker than your usual thin crust. Tavern cut, so you can steal a corner piece.

I recommend getting one with the spinach mix, sausage, and giardiniera but get whatever you want, as long as you include the spinach mix because it is delicious.

Lou's is having specials to celebrate the anniversary including:

  • Select items will be 50% off on certain days including Tiramisu, Malnati Dressing, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Italian Ice from March 22- April 15.
  • Large Deep Dish Specialty Pizzas, "The Lou" and "Malnati Chicago Classic', will be offered for $19.71 each from March 17-21.
  • Customer contests through social media to win prizes for submitting their stories with photos and videos, trivia contests, and giveaways using hashtag #LousTurs50.
  • Special events in all markets will be shared for the upcoming months.
  • Employee engagement activities planned throughout the year.

If this post gave you a hankering for a deep-dish pizza then, by all means, scratch that itch but don't forget about the thin crust at Lou's, probably one of the best "secrets" on any menu in Illinois.

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