Either things are going so well in Lincoln, Nebraska that a boneless chicken wing dispute is the most pressing bit of business in town, or this guy just got tired of only talking about COVID-19.

Whatever the reasons, Lincoln, Nebraska resident Ander Christensen decided to take his complaint/plea to the city council meeting the other night when the floor was opened for comments and concerns from the citizenry.

Sometimes it takes a man standing up and speaking truth to power for a message to get some traction. Well, this video has now received millions of views, so I've got to assume that he's gotten the attention of "Big Chicken." (Not to be confused with Big Oil, Big Pharma, etc.)

Take a look and see Ander take a stand for...uh...bones, I guess:

It was nice to see his dad weighing in with a "for the record" confession that Ander is his son, then pulling his mask back up.

I'll admit that we as a nation have (gotta continue on the food tie-in) bigger fish to fry than the relative merits of chicken wings, boneless or not. But maybe Ander has opened the floodgates of awareness to other ways food has been manipulating us with un-truths.

That is Nebraska citizen Anders Christensen fighting the good fight and suggesting that these "boneless wings" be renamed to "wet tenders," or "saucy nugs," or "trash." For that, we salute him, but he's also inspired us to question what other ways food has been lying to us. Grape-nuts, for example, contain neither grapes nor nuts (just disappointment). The vast majority of wasabi found in the United States is just a mixture of horseradish, mustard, and green dye. This is probably not how Keebler cookies are actually made:



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