Everyone deserves some perks and that includes squirrels apparently. I say that because there's a squirrel in the Midwest who was sadly orphaned that now has demands. Video proves that means getting scratched by his/her human.

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This special squirrel moment happened very recently in Nebraska City, Nebraska. The human who shared the video added the following:

Orphaned squirrel enjoys some scratches from his human parent.

That about sums it up. This baby squirrel now wants to be pampered.

Is it legal to have a pet squirrel in Nebraska?

There's no backstory about how this young squirrel ended up without parents, but it did inspire me to research whether it's legal to have a pet squirrel in Nebraska. Surprisingly, there is an answer. Squirrel Enthusiast says that's a yes as long as the squirrel was raised in captivity. I can't think of any state more captive than Nebraska.

But, wait, there's more. If you plan on having a pet squirrel in Nebraska, you need a special permit and it's $33.

Now that we've answered the question "can you", the next question is "should you?"

WebMD (wait, what?) says that squirrels in general don't make good pets. Don't tell that to the tiny squirrel in the video. He is now living the good life...in Nebraska.

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