If you're one of those drivers who enjoys driving below the speed limit in the left-hand lane with angry drivers piling up behind you--consider yourself warned.

The Illinois State Police say a traffic law passed by state legislators two years ago restricting drivers from improper use of the left lane will be enforced starting this year.

Many of us feel that it's about time.

The left lane should only be used to pass other vehicles or when moving over for an emergency vehicle, according to police.

Illinois State Police used the hashtag #LeftLaneLollygaggersBeware on Facebook to remind motorists about the law.

“You’re not supposed to travel in the left lane and stay there,” said Lieutenant Matt Boerwinkle, spokesperson for Illinois State Police. “The main focus is to ensure that motorists have a means to get around traffic that should stay in the right lane,” he said, adding that the law is intended to keep traffic flowing and increase safety.

Left lane dawdlers ticketed for misuse of the left lane can be fined $120, Boerwinkle said.

The law applies to traffic on four-lane, two-way roadways.

For the new year, Illinois State Police are also focusing on enforcement of the “Fatal Four” violations: high-risk driving behavior that includes DUI, speeding, not wearing a seatbelt and distracted driving, Boerwinkle said.


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