There's one small change to IceHogs security this season that will make a big impact on your night.

Saturday night, my parents came to Rockford and we went to the IceHogs game. It was almost perfect.

The game included a silent auction to benefit a cause my family cares a lot about, so that's great, plus it was a pretty exciting game.

Not only was the guy in front of me eating oatmeal... possibly the weirdest thing at a hockey game... but the game went into a shootout and the Hogs won.

So what made it less than perfect? The fact that I wasn't aware that I needed to leave my purse in the car.

Don't get me wrong. I am super on board with security. I'm a-ok with the fact that the Rockford IceHogs have adopted the same purse policy as the NFL, I just wish I would've known about it before I walked into the BMO.

I take all blame for not knowing, but because I didn't know and neither did a long line of women who were told to bring their purses back to their car, I figured it would be a good thing to share.

Had I checked the website before I left for the game I would have discovered this new policy, which is not limiting what you can bring into the stadium, but how you carry those items.

The IceHogs are making it easier for you, by offering a Rockford IceHogs "purse" you can buy so that you are prepared for the game. If I'm not mistaken this is the exact same policy that the NFL has, and I'm pretty sure those bags are interchangeable, so you can bring your Bears or Packers purse to the IceHogs game and vice versa.

So get your plastic purse now before the next time you go to the BMO and your dad or husband or brother or whoever is willing to walk back to the car in the cold for you, doesn't have to.