The news wasn't shocking, but that didn't stop Cub fans from still being disappointed. 

We had the DOM, Cubs unofficial Director of Morale, back on the show this morning. I knew this news would hit Fred pretty hard. Kyle was the first Cubs player to connect with DOM. He and Kyle would eventually collaborate to create some merchandise that would help Schwarber's charity. DOM makes a great point in that Schwarber is a midwest guy, a Big Ten guy. A guy that looked, acted and sounded like the rest of us in the Midwest. Baseball has a lot of warm weather, coastal guys but Schwarber was one of us.

This was also Jed Hoyer's first big move as president of baseball operations. We asked DOM how that will affect how fans think of him after almost a decade of Theo. DOM agrees it probably isn't the best start to the fan relationship, but it's a tough decision that had to be made.

Kyle Schwarber will always be a mythological hero in Chicago. The man who helped lead the Cubs to their first World Series win in over 100 years on basically one leg. The man who went from a liability in the outfield to an above-average left fielder. The man who killed the Cardinals with this epic homerun:

It all adds up to a man who will never have to buy a drink for himself in the city of Chicago for the rest of his life.

There's a possibilty that the Cubs and Schwarber work out a contract that will keep him in a Cubs uniform but that seems less than likely the more you think about it.

Kyle Schwarber officially said his goodbye on social media today, leaving this message. 

Chicago.... From being drafted, to playoffs 5 out of 6 years, to being a World Series champion! I want to thank all the fans for the overwhelming support these past 7 years of being in the organization. It never got old running out to left and being able to give you guys a salute. It really is different at Wrigley. It was an absolute pleasure to go out there everyday and grind with the fellas for you guys and I'm forever grateful for my teammates, coaches, staff  and the fans. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!  Until we meet again.


Thank you, Kyle. You'll be missed by Cub fans all over the world.

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