Kris Bryant was really playing to the home crowd during the Cubs convention. 

This took place over the weekend at the Cubs convention. A little sit down with former Cub Ryan Dempster turned into a real roast of St. Louis.

Do I think Bryant meant what he said? Absolutely. Have you been to St. Louis? BOORINGGG. I also know that Kris was just playing along with the audience and gave them a little morsel of meat to play with until spring training.

St. Louis took it a little differently. Let's see what they had to say.

Warning. Some strong language ahead. Apparently, Cardinal fans have a real potty mouth.

This next one can't be true. Fake news like you read about.

This one is actually kind of funny.

Man do they love Yadier down there.

This even elicited a response from Yadier.

The Cubs are just living rent-free in everyone's mind in St. Louis and I couldn't be happier.

Hawks are bad. Bulls are somehow worse. The Bears season is over. It's going to be a long 3 months till baseball season.

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