For Halloween Khalil Mack dressed up as whatever the Halloween version of The Grinch is. 

The above video was shot by a dad taking his kids out trick-or-treating in the Chicago suburb of Glencoe, where Mack lives.

As you can see, Khalil was not giving out candy this year and had hired security stand outside his place to tell people that no candy would be coming from this house.

While no one should feel forced to give candy out on Halloween (I don't), you really need to read the room here.

People know that's your house. You've already paid someone to stand outside your house. Just give that guy a bowl of candy to hand out. It's really pretty simple.

Mack might have some sort of religious exception to Halloween, I'm not sure but this is just a horrible look.

Now instead of paying that guy to hand out candy, he might have to pay someone to clean his house after it gets egged. Not condoning it, just saying it's probably going to happen.


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