At this point in 2021, Illinois has generated more money off marijuana than all of last year, according to the monthly report from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR).

Some Pretty Big Summer Sale Numbers

Looking at the July recreational marijuana sales numbers shows us that not only did July's numbers top the previous record setting month that was set in May, the numbers topped May's by 10 percent.

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In the month of May, dispensaries around the state moved $116.4 million worth of product, followed by a slight drop-off in June, when the total was $115.6 million. July sales, for whatever reason (theories about Lollapalooza playing a huge role in weed sales abound), soared to $127.8 million.

Does Credit Go To Lollapalooza?

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Those theories about Chicago's Lollapalooza playing a huge part in record setting recreational marijuana sales may be on to something, especially when you consider that this is the first time in Lollapalooza's history that recreational marijuana is legal in Illinois.

WGN-TV News:

Although it’s illegal to smoke or otherwise consume the drug in public or around anyone younger than 21 years old, the large crowds at Grant Park boosted sales by as much as 50% at nearby dispensaries in River North and the West Loop, operators told the Chicago Tribune. “We saw thousands of festivalgoers over the weekend at our River North store, making it our biggest weekend to date,” said Jason Erkes, spokesman for Chicago-based Cresco Labs, whose Sunnyside Dispensary in River North was the closest to the festivities.

The IDFPR also points out that at this point in the year, Illinois has generated $753 million in recreational cannabis sales. In 2020, $669 million in recreational weed was sold during the entire year.

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