What a treat to be joined on the show by (in my opinion) America's Best Sportswriter, Joe Posnanski. Joe currently works a national sports columnist for NBCSports.com, but previously had stints at Sports Illustrated, Sports On Earth, and the Kansas City Star.

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Spanning from that first match through the “Duel in the Sun” at Turnberry in 1977 to Watson’s miraculous near-victory at Turnberry as he approached sixty, and informed by interviews with both players over many years, The Secret of Golf is Joe Posnanski’s intimate account of the most remarkable rivalry and (eventual) friendship in modern golf.

Joe is simply a fantastic writer and has produced another fabulous book. I urge you to check out his blog at joeposnanski.com, where some of his best work is posted. In the interview we also briefly discuss his previous books on Joe Paterno and Buck O'Neil. Both are highly recommended.

Here's our full conversation with Joe Posnanski about The Secret of Golf: