The former quarterback for the Bears wants to get in the broadcast booth and I'm down right giddy. - The former Chicago Bears quarterback, who has received little interest from teams is exploring a post-football career in broadcasting, according to multiple television sources and people with knowledge of Cutler's thinking.

I haven't watched an entire NFL game since the Bears started to be an embarrassment. That will change the minute Jay Cutler gets in the booth.

Jay has gotten a bad rap in Chicago and around the country. People complain all the time that athletes only give canned answers and are generally uninteresting people to interview. Jay was not that. Yes, he was prickly at times but you never felt that he was lying to you. He may not have liked you but he was honest.

There's an old story about Jay Cutler that has been floating around for awhile that I call the "Don't Care" story. I believe some version of this story to be true:

Jay Cutler was standing at the urinal of a Chicago bar wearing his Vanderbilt hat on backwards. Someone came into the restroom saw Jay with his cap on and said 'Hey, I went to Vanderbilt too.' Jay reportedly leaned his head back and groaned 'Dooooon't caaaaare.'

True or not this is a very believable story from Cutler. He doesn't have time for niceties and will tell you the truth. That sounds like a great analyst.

Plus if you've ever heard him speak when he's actually interested in something he is very compelling. Add in the fact that he's a really smart guy on top of it and this is a can't miss.

Added bonus. He's reportedly most likely to land at FOX on one of their lower tier teams. You know what team will be playing a LOT of lower tier games on FOX this year? That's right. The Bears. I would literally pay 6 dollars to listen to Jay Cutler call a Bears game next year. Very excited.

Only question left is if he can get a pass on smoking in the booth. Might have to write that into his contract.

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