It's kind of surprising that it took him 10 games to give us one of these. 

The Cubs are hot right now. They're 8-2, best in the National League, their starting pitching is doing historic things:

..hitting is doing what it should be doing, they're having a blast in the dugout, and most importantly, they're the only team in baseball to not have a positive coronavirus case.

In a word, it's "awesome" being a Cub fan right now.

(NOTE: I see you White Sox fans. You have a lot to be excited about as well but this is a Javy-appreciation blog)

Then Javy comes along and reminds us why he's the most exciting player to watch in baseball. Here we are talking about tagging people out at second base, it's crazy to think that someone is so good at it that it regularly makes highlight reels but Javy is a different type of player. A different type that I love rooting for.

Cubs go for their 5th straight tonight against the Royals. Catch the game live right here on 1440 WROK. First pitch is at 7:15, pre-game at 6:40.

To quote Mr. C, "Go Cubs, Go Cubs Go, Go Cubs, Go Cubs Go."

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