This morning on The Riley & Scot Show, we were discussing the Riley & Scot Football Challenge, a contest on our website where you can win some cool prizes for correctly picking NFL games.

We've got some folks in our contest who've shown they're really good at picking winners. Many of our entrants (I assume) also take part in fantasy football. Lots and lots of people do.

Some numbers (courtesy of Elite Daily):


  • 26 Million Americans Played Fantasy Football During The 2013 Season
  • 69.4 Percent Of All Fantasy Sports Players Regard Fantasy Football As Their Favorite Of Them All
  • $1.6 Billion In Revenue Is Generated By The Fantasy Football Industry As A Whole
  • Fantasy Football Is Estimated To Cost Employers $13 Billion In Productivity During 2013-14 Season
  • 100 Percent Of The Web’s Most Popular Sports Sites Have Sections Dedicated Solely To Fantasy Sports
  • 20 Percent Of All Fantasy Football Players Are Women
  • $11 Billion Dollars Was Spent By The Millions Of People Playing Fantasy Football Last Year

Even if you're not one of the millions involved in fantasy football, you can still have fun, and potentially win something, with the Riley & Scot Football Challenge. Click here to get started.

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