A small shopping plaza on Harlem Road in Machesney Park is apparently about to be the home of some delicious cheesecake.

The name of the new cheesecake spot is Mac Brothers Cheesecake. It's a name you might be familiar with if you've visited Hairy Cow, the fine brewpub in Byron, Illinois.

At least I think you will.

I'll be honest with you guys here, I'm not familiar with Mac Brothers Cheesecake and there's not much online about them.

If you head over to their Facebook page there are only a few recent entries, but they all point to them opening up soon-ish.

They're updating phone numbers.

And it looks like construction was wrapping up earlier this month.

The only other mention I can find of these guys online is in conjunction with Hairy Cow as it seems like they were the ones that supplied the restaurant with dessert.

I'm pretty good at using the internet but that's all I can find on Mac Brother's Cheesecake.

Now the fact that they were providing dessert for Hairy Cow is an excellent sign because everything at Hairy Cow is excellent. I've only had the beer and pizza there but I'm assuming that everything on their menu is probably awesome.

Seriously, if you haven't checked out Hairy Cow yet, do that ASAP.

The Mac Brothers Cheesecake shop is supposed to be opening in the rundown strip mall off of Harlem Road right next to Sam's Pizza, along with a few more new tenants.

This one:

Joe Dredge
Joe Dredge

I did try calling the number on the Facebook page but was only connected to a generic voice mail greeting.

We are definitely waiting.

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