When the deal between world leaders and Iran was announced on Saturday night, my first thought was, "I wonder what our friend James Carafano thinks about this?"  We've leaned on James for his foreign policy expertise many times in the past.  He serves as Vice President, Foreign and Defense Policy Studies for the Heritage Foundation.  Thankfully, he was ready, willing, and able to join us on the show.

I don't think it's an overstatement to say James believes it's an awful deal that might get even worse down the road.  He told us:

The U.N. resolution says you [Iran] can't enrich because that's the precursor to having a bomb program. Essentially, what we did under this agreement, is we allow them to continue enrichment.  So we're giving them something. The Iranians are already saying this agreement entitles them to enrich. So, in a sense, we've already given that up and we'll never get that back now. So now they'll always, as far as they're concerned, have a legitimate international right to do the precursor to building the bomb. That's a big deal.

The entire interview is available below:


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