According to The International Time Capsule Society (ITCS), there are around 10,000 time capsules buried or hidden around the world--but there is a problem. The problem, says the ITCS, is that no one seemingly remembers where about 9,000 of them actually are today.

I was surprised to read that, but then I remembered that the cornerstone of the White House, placed by George Washington himself (along with a group of Freemasons) in 1792, has been missing for over 200 years, and no one knows where it is.

You guys in Sheldon, Iowa shouldn't be too hard on yourselves if the same thing (sort of) happened to George Washington, too.

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He wants you. To go find a cornerstone. (Getty Images)
He wants you. To go find a cornerstone. That someone "misplaced."(Getty Images)

Sheldon, Iowa Is Celebrating Their Town's 150th Birthday, Or Sesquicentennial, This Coming Weekend, And They Thought It Would Be Fun To Open A 50-Year Old Time Capsule

That would be fun! Except for one tiny little detail. After burying a time capsule back in 1972 to celebrate Sheldon's centennial anniversary, everyone seemingly thought that someone else knew where the capsule was, and so they forgot all about the capsule's location.

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Experts have narrowed the time capsule's whereabouts to this area. (Getty Images)
Treasure Hunt
Thus far, he's found 87 cents in change, a kazoo, and a rusty can of RC Cola. (Getty Images)

There's Still A Few Days Before The Sesquicentennial, And Sheldon Residents Aren't Quitters

According to a report by the AP, the original plan was to open the time capsule this Friday, celebrate the occasion with birthday cake and coffee (party animals, all of them), then put some new items in the capsule and re-bury it for another 50 years.

Now, with the situation of a missing time capsule, Sheldon is going to delay the opening of the capsule until it can be located.

They hope that a company with an underground radar system will be able to do it, especially since that company helped a neighboring city, Sibley, earlier this year find the time capsule they had lost.

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