Although one of the skydivers was knocked completely unconscious, technology had a hand in saving the day.

For many of us (alright, mostly me), the thought of leaping out of a perfectly good airplane and trusting our fate to a few yards of silken material is frightening enough. But to then find yourself slamming into another person thousands of feet above the ground has got to be a horrible experience.

A spokesman for Skydive Chicago said one of the licensed skydivers was knocked unconscious in the collision Tuesday. However, his automatic activation device opened his parachute. Because he unable to steer, he landed in the Fox River.

Skydiver Chicago Director Rook Nelson says when rescuers arrived at the riverbank, the skydiver was on shore and was able to walk to an ambulance.

The Ottawa Fire Department says the other skydiver landed at the airport and both were taken to OSF St. Elizabeth Medical Center for evaluation. Neither skydiver was identified.

Skydive Chicago is in the fourth day of its Summerfest celebration. Nelson estimates 500 jumpers were at the venue Tuesday, with more expected this weekend.

There might be one thing a bit scarier than jumping with a parachute. Jumping without one (Warning: There's some bad language in this one):

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