This is the perfect chance to get the family out for a relaxing round of golf.

Ingersoll golf course and the Rockford Park District is hosting a Sunday Funday of family golf this Sunday afternoon starting at 3PM.

All levels of play are welcome and a slow pace is encouraged during this outing. 9-holes will only cost you $5 and it starts at 3 PM.

A real golf course can be intimidating for those who don't play regularly, or ever. The protocol, etiquette, and "real golfers" watching (and probably judging) you can make it an intimidating experience for novices. Sunday Funday Golf at Ingersoll erases all that.

Bring the family out this Sunday and play a couple holes, You don't have to play all 9, but definitely can if you want. At 5 bucks a pop, even one hole would be worth it.

For more information, give their clubhouse a call at 815-987-1300.

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