The ultimate "Sunday Funday" for this bar in Illinois includes a flea market, football, and beer.

What Is "Sunday Funday?"

To be honest with you, "Sunday Funday" is a fairly new concept for me.

According to,

"Sunday Funday" is when the two best days of the weekend, Friday and Saturday, are over, but you are not quite ready to end the party."


"And that’s where “Sunday Funday” begins!"


"Luckily, since you started early, you’ll be wasted and soon passed out by late afternoon, and will get plenty of sleep till work or school on Monday!"

You might see it pop up occasionally on social media. That is where I originally heard about it. I have friends that work six days a week. It is their only day off so they go out to lose after the pressures of the week. It usually includes some sort of day drinking.


Different Interests For "Sunday Funday"

Of course, everyone has their own idea of what a great "Sunday Funday" will include for entertainment. Here are a couple of the more popular activities.

Watching Football


The NFL has games on Sundays so that works well.

Shopping At A Flea Market


Most flea markets are held over a weekend and Sundays are a big day for shoppers.

Beer Drinking


Boozing it up seems like the most popular "Sunday Funday" event.

Couple Do Not Always Agree

I found that in my social media world, that a lot of "Sunday Funday" participants are couples. The interests of both people could be a little bit different, so a compromise is necessary when deciding how to spend the day. I think I have found a solution to that problem.


The Ultimate "Sunday Funday"

A bar in Lombard, Illinois called Brauer House has come up with a great idea. Why not combine these three activities together for the ultimate "Sunday Funday."

I am not kidding. Coming soon on Sunday afternoons at their venue they will be hosting a flea market. All through the bar, there will be football games playing on the TVs. Of course, it is a bar so there will be plenty of booze and food available too. Now, everyone is happy.


For more info, HERE.

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