When my family and I were planning a Vegas trip recently, we were looking into some of the cool and unusual things that you can't do in most places. We found things like driving exotic and/or race cars, gun ranges that let you shoot machine guns and rocket launchers (and for an extra $3500, crush a car with an Abrams tank.), helicopter tours, and indoor skydiving. Having a bit of a heights phobia, I quickly skipped past that one. If only I had known how cool it was, I might have....no. I wouldn't have done it, but I might have gone to watch people who knew what they were doing.

It's not just in Vegas, either. Indoor skydiving continues to grow in popularity. Check out this Russian "Fly" team:

And last year's competition in Dallas:

If this looks like something you would enjoy, there are two Chicagoland locations, in Rosemont and in Naperville. More can be learned here.

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